iPad vs. Laptop

June 12, 2014

Can Apple’s tablet be your office computer?
The world is getting fascinated with smaller electronic gadgets, which can easily fit in smaller spaces and have higher utilities
The iPad is discussed online as a netbook killer: it’s just more fun than a netbook. Sure, it is. However, is it better to take with you for travel?
What is Mini Laptop or Notepad?
A mini laptop, officially named a mobile Internet device (MID), is a smaller version of the typical laptop. Mini laptops are very small and are lighter weight than normal laptops. They do not have a lot of the extra features regular-sized laptops are known to have, which translates into significantly lower price tags for most models.
What is iPad?
The iPad is a flat, rectangular computer with a large, 9.7-inch touch screen on its face. The iPad runs a version of the iPhone operating system and, as a result, can run programs from the App Store. It allows existing apps to upscale their size to fill its entire screen
There are some benefits to use the iPads but limitation as well
As recommended travelling light is about carrying only the lowest weight stuff. When it comes to weight the ipad is the clear winner. I’m even tempted to wait till the ipad mini comes out, which will have a 7 inch screen and be correspondingly lighter. Doesn’t that sound confident, especially taken into account that it hasn’t even been confirmed to be in development?
It is very easy portable for the business officials, who can carry with them while travelling and be online and can access mails all the time.
Content creation: can you type fast?
This is where all the reviews favour netbooks. With actual keyboards, they’re obviously more fit to type on. However, on both Ipad and netbook the keyboards get very small, but still you can some how manage to write on notepad without having tension of screen touch in notepad.
Stuff missing from this generation iPad
USB – that’s right, you have to buy an extra thingy to get USB access. This one is a potential deal-breaker.
Camera – not a deal breaker, but there is no camera on the Ipad. I can’t see myself taking pictures with that thing anyhow: it’s too big and while video conferencing would be nice, it is not required to have the high level internet access. In fact: the normal connection would be fast enough for Skype with video. Techies are expecting the next generation Ipad to have a camera though.
Memory – 64 GB just isn’t all that much in today’s world. And the Ipad can’t be upgraded, so if it’s not much now, it won’t be enough in the long run. This one is not a deal breaker, but it is an important point, especially since memory issues can’t be supplemented with USB easily either.
Is the iPad a replacement of the Notepad?
The iPad clearly is not a replacement for a laptop / netbook but it does reduce the need for carrying those devices around all the time. You can’t get rid of the computer simply because the easiest way to get content onto an iPad is through iTunes (on a computer) and computer is required to perform the backup of iPad.
iPad is excellent for taking notes, diagramming, mind-mapping etc… It’s much more portable and it allows for doing more things on the fly.
Some significant drawbacks of iPad
Backup of the iPad took around half a day for me. It was so annoying that I turned off the back-up. This is a huge issue for a device for people who are using this for work purposes.
It’s great for creating simple content (e.g., presentations, small spreadsheets and documents) however; try to share a presentation with a colleague. The process of uploading a deck to iWorks (the file sizes are huge!), and then downloading only into PDF or Keynote file formats are a huge turn off.
Lack of multi-tasking is annoying at best. Looking at Twitter, responding to IM or browsing are things can be done without having to exit the working application.


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