Every now and then you come across something that bugs you

April 19, 2016

Every now and then you come across something that bugs you just so badly, that you really want to do something about it, but effectively your hands are tied, or it’s just not possible. They call this “Stress”.Our Sydney partner has been asked to assist with sorting out a phone system, a small firm of about 20, simple enough. So as if the IT game isn’t difficult enough.. stress
angry-face The previous band of thieving mongrels have convinced and sold their (previous) client that they needed some super duper Cisco (see my other comments on Cisco)VoIP system that isn’t readily available in Australia, and special software add-on is required to make it work, and linked to special Cisco phones that are known to have issues. What’s worse is that to get this system in with the special software you have to buy several different licenses for a minimum of a 1000 phones, and it’s a yearly license.. Now whether this is true or not, the cost for this system\server was $22k. The IT setup for this company was 14 virtual server.. Fourteen… WHAT THE *(&^^%. We are able to justify 4, and that was a struggle… Mongrels who do this make my blood boil…


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