April 19, 2016

They clearly have either no idea, or set out to rip a customer off for tens of thousands of dollars… A 20 phone system complete and setup should cost between $5k and $10k, complete and setup… including phones…. VoIP is a great money saver, but so, so , so many companies have no idea really what they are doing. They put a system in, and don’t ensure there is ongoing maintenance. (Not a lot of money. 20 phone system, about $120/month). This leads to system getting hacked, failing, and generally poor performance, not to mention they try to use cheap modem routers, and some at least try to utilise the QOS (Quality of Service) in those cheap modems…

Rules of VoIP:

Must have a firewall and configured so hackers are banned, (simple IP tables with fail2ban work, but configuring them is hard yakka… and difficult to get right… and the IP Ban usually comes to late.)
High quality QOS is essential if sharing with normal internet usage.
Pick a variation and stick to it, master it, and don’t wander to alternates on a whim.. We use FreePBX, and know it… Very very well…..
Use quality network gear. Yes I know TPLink is cheap, and not bad for the price, but when it comes to VoIP, it doesn’t cut the mustard. Minimum quality is Draytek. We will not touch the home brands like Netgear, Billion (They have gone downhill over the years I believe personally), D-Link, Linksys (The early pre-cisco days are gone people….)NetComm, etc.. There is nothing wrong with these devices, but they are not designed for business application and function…
Where you can use a real router like PF Sense and manage it properly, setup remote phones using VPN’s
Pre-built type systems like 3CX (Windows is not a good platform for VoIP server; Great for Microsoft Exchange or a Terminal Server) and appliance boxes just rip you a new one on licensing fee’s despite being based on Asterisk (An open source platform, that most VoIP is based on….)
VoIP is here to stay and the dodgy dans are going to be coming out of the woodwork.. Don’t fall for:

Convert you current system to VoIP… That’s nastier than the proverbial dog poop in a burning paper bag thrown on the doorstep.
A pre-built system that all you have to do is plug the phones in..
local and national calls that cost per minute unless you are buying SIP minutes by the bulk (10000 minutes etc..)
Stick to the tried and true VoIP Telco’s. These guys have been around a while, and know what it takes to provide you with decent service.
Beware of the large Telco’s offering… You remember the service you get from them and how much it pained you to deal with them…. Not mentioning any names of large multi-national carriers or anything like that…..


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